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Are you a hardworking individual  looking for new job opportunities right here in Akron/Canton, Ohio? Frank Kaye Painting Company invites you to explore the ideal career path with us, where your talents are not just recognized but rewarded.

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Financial Freedom

At Frank Kaye Painting, we’re committed to offering competitive hourly pay that reflects your exceptional craftsmanship. Imagine a future where your skills lead to financial security and the lifestyle you desire.

The Best Environment

Join our tight-knit group of painters who share your passion for perfection. Our work environment fosters camaraderie and collaboration. Here, you’re not just a painter; you’re a valued member of a team that supports each other.

Employee Benefits

Your well-being is important to us. As a painter with Frank Kaye Painting, you’ll enjoy employee benefits designed for your overall job satisfaction. Our commitment to your success goes beyond the brush.

Added Bonuses

Your dedication doesn’t go unnoticed. Imagine earning extra bonuses and incentives that recognize your hard work, making your paycheck even more rewarding and giving you extra money in your pocket.

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Join Frank Kaye Painting and together, let’s paint a brighter, more prosperous future for you. If you’re looking for jobs Akron/Canton that offer a fulfilling career, look no further. Your path to a rewarding painting career begins right here. Apply now and fill out the form below!


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